Thursday, November 09, 2006

In the House!

In San Francisco today, we were all walking around in a daze. A giddy, wild-eyed kind of daze, but still shocked nonetheless. I can't remember the last time I voted on a ballot where everything I voted for won (except that we still have the Governator). OK, I actually do remember the last time. It was 1992, which was also the first time.

Clinton won. Feinstein won. Boxer won. We all won. But it was short-lived. In 1994 that crazy Republican Congress had its revenge, and we've been paying ever since.

Still, just for the moment I'd like to appreciate what it's like to have San Francisco representing with Speaker Pelosi. My rep! And now the country's rep. As an East Coast girl, I know what you think of us. Crazy nuts and screws. The Left Coast. Hippies with love-ins and be-ins and the Free Speech movement. Oh wait. That wasn't bad. In fact, many "crazy" things that start in California end up being mainstream by the time they get to your side of the country. Like stem cell research. Pro-choice law. Living wage. Cleaner air. Solar power.

Still not comfortable? Think about it. Would you rather have the hypocrtical Christian right leading the way, preaching homophobia but hankering for gay sex and drugs when (almost) no-one's looking? All of a sudden, good old-fashioned San Francisco tolerance doesn't seem so radical at all. It seems downright refreshing.

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