Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Borat Ellen Willis Smack Down

What if the sequel to Borat found his wife from Kazakhstan come to bring him home and knock some sense into him. I mean, the guy clearly hasn't taken out the garbage in god knows how long.

Is Borat doing a public service from his country to ours? Or is he just proving that no-one has the higher moral ground. Did we really need this character to show us the character of our country?

I wish Ellen Willis could have taken on Borat. Can Borat exist without someone finding something he says outrageous? If no-one jumps on the Borat bandwagon, what happens? Does he go home and take out the garbage?

Borat's movie is sort of a cultural take on Jackass 2. Don't try this yourselves, folks. You'll be run out, turned on, arrested, sued. In the end, is it all just for a laugh?

Is anger the only kind of humor that resonates with our jaded, tuned-out country? Who, exactly, is Borat angry with? Us? Kazakhstan? The Jews? The feminists? Everyone who hates the Jews and the feminists? Borat embodies everything. The Jew is the anti-semite. The Brit is actually the ugly American. If we join with him, we lose. If we push against him, we lose. If we laugh, he wins.

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