Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Campaign Accessories
Looks like Caribou Barbie has got the wardrobe to go with the name. In a move that only those of us outside "real America" could appreciate, the McCain campaign dropped some serious cash on their shiny Sarah star -- 150,000 large -- to outfit McCain's campaign accessory with some clothes and accessories of her own, from Neiman's, Barney's, and Saks Fifth Avenue. Wal-mart it's not.

The timing of the purchases, in early September, weren't reported till this month, so that the hockey mom had some time to burnish her blue collar, working girl image, takin' the "g" off her words, and showin' how she walked in the shoes of small-town Americans. Except her shoes are Manolo Blahniks. Joke's on you, Joe six pack!

This latest campaign fiasco, which has managed to enrage the left and the right, isn't going to help Palin's approval ratings, which are already sinking faster than an ice floe in the North Pole. Cost of overpriced campaign wardrobe: $150,000. Cost of losing the election: priceless.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Waxing On

You know an election is getting serious when you're in the beauty salon, and instead of the latest celeb gossip, your esthetician wants the political dirt.

The woman waxing me, Erin, who I've known for years, heated up the hot wax and then got heated. "I haven't seen the debates and I only wanted to ask you how they went," she said. Emphasis on you, which is me. She continued that another client, who was pro-McCain, had made herself ugly, despite Erin's best efforts, with her mean-spirited -- and misinformed -- comments about Obama's proposed tax policy.

"She's wrong." I said.

"I knew it!" said Erin. Then riiiiiip with the wax strip.

"He'll only -- ouch -- raises taxes on people who make over $250,000 a year." Which, really, is a lot less painful that what I was undergoing at the moment.

"Right," said Erin. Riiiiiip. "That's not what this client told me. I knew she was wrong." Riiiiiip.
Erin and I had both been Hillary supporters. But now we were both pulling for Obama, big time. 

The client had accused Erin of not knowing her facts, then stormed off when Erin questioned hers.

"I try to stay out of talking politics with people, but she just kept on coming at me," Erin said. Riiiiiip.

Fact is, what works for Erin's client won't work for the country. Unless, of course, we all want to get waxed. Where I'm standing, that wouldn't be such a bad idea.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

He Said, She Said

Okay, Joe Biden: I have words for you. Here's a line to use in the only VP debate in the election season that's tonight:

I know Hillary Clinton. I'm friends with Hillary Clinton. Sarah Palin, you're no Hillary Clinton.

That one's on the house.