Sunday, August 24, 2008

His Right to Choose

Hey, Obama, I just want you to know: about your veep pick, no hard feelings. It's not who I would have gone for. That Biden has a big mouth and it gets him into trouble. He has criticized you in the past -- but clearly you can let bygones...and it must feel good to have the guy who's used to running the roost in the Senate now eating out of your hand. I get it. And in the end, it's your choice. You're the one who's got to live with it.

But you know what, I've got to live with it, too. And not just me. America's got to live with it. So keep your boy in line and make sure he gets the job done.

Point is, nobody's perfect. Not even you. Can't make everyone happy, but you will if you win.

So get out there and win this thing.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Clinton: Veep Nuclear Option

It's not just me who thinks this, and it's not just 'coz I supported HRC in the primary. She can do what no white man can do to the Obama ticket as number two -- add more excitement. This race is no slam dunk. The country is divided as ever. Despite Obama's amazing ability  in bringing out the young, new voters, it's not enough to win him a clear majority. He needs his veep to do more than add gravitas, he needs some magic.

As described on Yahoo! News in running through a Clinton "dream ticket" scenario:
If Obama takes the stage in front of the Old State Capital in Springfield, Illinois, Saturday with Evan Bayh at his side, it will be news -- but not very exciting news. If he does so with Joe Biden, it will be bigger new -- but it's not like Biden brings the "wow" factor.

If Obama takes the stage with Clinton at his side, it will be the dominant news story of the weekend, the convention and perhaps of the fall campaign.
'Nuf said.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Demographic Shift

Finally, my demographic is being recognized (or should I clarify, my almost-demographic):

Twenty percent of women in the age range of 40-44 are having fewer or no kids compared to 30 years ago, according to the latest study by the Census Bureau.

As reported by the New York Times:

"Clearly women have competing alternatives for the use of their time, with the labor market and employment being one and delayed marriage, which has been another trend,” said Suzanne Bianchi, chairwoman of the sociology department at the University of Maryland. “The interesting question is, has it stopped? Is this it, or will we see even higher rates of childlessness among future generations?”

In economically under-developed nations, the logic has always been to improve the lot of women, and the birth rate goes down. I guess here in the U.S. we can consider the lot of women, at least for this age group, improved.

Obama -- Pick One for the Dames

Sen. Obama, I just can't take it. All these news reports that the top VP picks are a slot of liberal, white men. Safeties. Make the white guys in the middle of the country happy, because, for sure those guys would go for you over a really white candidate.

Seriously. Did you get where you are by being safe?

If that's the case, then you should go for the truly safe choice. Pick Hillary.

Why? First, Clinton got almost as many votes as you did. She got the bitter vote (and with her not on your ticket, instead of facing bitter white men, you're facing bitter white women -- one would argue much worse for you), she's the top pick of VP choices in the polls, and frankly, she'd be great.

I want to wake up tomorrow with a text message from you -- the candidate of tomorrow -- telling me that you've made a choice that's smart today.

Here's to hoping.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Take Your "Staycation" with B-Side

Dog days of summer got you down? Then tune in and cheer up -- the new B-Side edition is here.

Click to B-Side for your latest dose of summer fun without ever leaving the house or gassing up. Here's the best part: This latest B-Side won't even leave you with lack-of-time-off rage, 'coz it's all about vacations that didn't quite live up to the hype. Enjoy.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

When the Personal Is Just Sleazy

It's always hard to get our lessons from "The National Enquirer." But their dogged reporting seems to be really good at bringing down good liberal men -- Gary Hart's "monkey business," Bill Clinton's Gennifer Flowers imbroglio, and now John Edwards with his outed affair. For John Edwards, whose political career had been careening downwards since he helped Kerry lose the presidency in '04, this just seems a tawdry footnote to a candidate who came across to me as rather a too-smooth operator. 

Sure, lots of people have affairs, and to judge his is an all-too American -- and rather boring -- pursuit. It really doesn't help his case that the guy presented himself as a family man and a self-less (sort of) hero continuing on with his losing presidential bid by the side of his wife who is struggling with her battle with cancer. 

But when the story of their  lives becomes the blueprint for which the American people get asked to vote on, then, well, it is fair game -- in an unfair, "National Enquirer" world.

Feeling the Economic Pinch -- Also Women's Work

If the economy seems to be getting you down, you're not alone. It's bad for sisters all over. At least according to one recent poll, women are way more likely than men to worry about meeting their financial goals over the next five years. Gives depression a whole new meaning.