Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Ariel & Parker

Can I just take a moment to give Terry Gross some street cred? I have loved two interviews she did with two women (and I don't know if it's true, but it does feel like she interviews more men than women) that absolutely captured me. One was with Parker Posey, the Indy film queen, as Terry called her (quoting others). The second was with Ariel Levy, whose new book is just out in paperback called Female Chauvanist Pigs, which dresses down Playboy Bunnies and Girls Gone Wild.

I haven't read Levy's book, but I love the premise -- that the porn-star empowerment of women is so not -- and can't wait to get into it.

Both Posey and Levy offer such refreshing takes on pop culture, one shaping it, the other commenting on it, that I hope at some point Terry does a double-feature with these two interviews. You can hear them at:


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