Thursday, October 26, 2006


Hillary Clinton's rival for the Senate, John Spencer, accused her of spending "millions" on plastic surgery. I guess he couldn't get much traction on anything else (I assume they agree on the war) so he said the B-word. Botox.

Given that you can get your Botox injection at your local mall these days, Spencer's got a pretty outsized idea about what kind of money you spend to look a bit more camera-ready. But Hillary Clinton is hardly a Hillary Duff look-alike.

I'm actally looking at a photo of Hill right now and her forehead does look smooth. On the other hand, the crows feet around her eyes and the laugh lines around her mouth scream crone. And her bod? Well, let's just say if she is getting plastic surgery, she should sue.

I have deeper ridges above my eyes, the little marks that give me away as terminally annoyed. I can't imagine that she has less of a reason to be annoyed than me.

Given that botox is a multi-billion dollar industry and everyone seems to be doing it, if Hillary did do such a thing and admitted it, she'd probably get that untapped consituency: the botox vote.

It's funny. Plastic surgery is a no-no, but hair color is completely accepted, for men and women. I don't know when that happened. But I mean, every woman you see whose hair is still brown or blond and is pushing 60 or more is not going au natural. I started going grey in my mid-30s (which I am still in) but noone would know that to look at me. So Nancy Pelosi, Clinton and friends for sure are not showing their true roots.

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